Welcome to Fahrenheit 212 Munich

In 2018 Fahrenheit 212 opened its first office in Germany, located close to the historic Munich airport.

With its tried-and-tested innovation process the Munich team helps businesses that are based in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands to identify new growth opportunities and develop profitable new products, services and business models that unlock these value pools – making innovation a predictable driver of sustainable, profitable growth. 

To the broader international community Bavaria might be most popular for its fine taste in beer and cars – and rightly so. But beyond that lies a rich history in innovation that spans from the creation of the globe to the invention of the Diesel engine, as well as the development of the MP3 format and the patented design of the screw-in studs for soccer shoes. 

Holding seven of the world's largest corporations, Munich acts as the county’s innovation capital and lists among the world’s top ten cities by industry revenue – often being awarded Germany’s most economically successful city. It is home to some of the most famous brands in the world: Adidas, Allianz, BMW – many of which Fahrenheit 212 has had the pleasure of working with closely. 

We live in a world where increasing insecurities collide with unheard opportunities. At Fahrenheit 212 Munich we help our clients navigate through this environment into a profitable and sustainable future by defining new products, services and experiences.

Jens Hofmeister Head of Fahrenheit 212 Germany

Driving Growth in Greener Times

As regulators, investors and the mass of consumers ask for greener product alternatives, a large number of companies are already working on reducing their own ecological footprint: creating more transparency, optimizing processes and producing products more sustainably. But even if these are important steps towards a more sustainable economy, these measures will not be sufficient to create a carbon-neutral economy by 2050. 

A radical change is needed. 

To support our economy and its forward-thinking businesses in transitioning to truly green and even carbon-negative business models, Fahrenheit 212 has developed a unique approach called Clean Growth.

Clean Growth enables economic growth through net carbon neutral or carbon negative products, services and business models. It goes beyond branding and considers the total environmental impact involved along the value chain.

Please visit the link and documents below to learn more about our Clean Growth proposition or get in touch with us directly. 

Quantensprung: a Podcast

Quantensprung is the podcast for all creative people, strategists and investors who want to make the world a quantum better with their work. 

The claim is clear: A sustainable world – without economic compromises. In a series of interviews, we will introduce lateral thinkers, opinion leaders, and experts who are prepared to question the obvious and are not afraid to face the big questions of the future. 

In the first episode we speak with Stefan Wenzel - former managing director of eBay Germany, brands4friends and Tom Tailor Digital, among others. We talk about stinginess and greed in one of the most environmentally damaging industries: Fashion. With more than 20 years of experience in retail and digital, Stefan gives a look behind the scenes and explains the widespread fear of innovation, the vocation to create something new and how commerce and entertainment are growing closer together.

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Commercial Analyst
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Senior Innovation Consultant
Jens Hofmeister
Head of Central Europe
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Senior Innovation Consultant
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Senior Innovation Consultant

For questions or new business enquiries, please email jens.hofmeister@fahrenheit-212.com. We’d love to hear from you.