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Artificial Intelligence was a clear theme in this month's Mercury Report, from it's influence on art to understanding its limitations. We also take a look at the effect of technology on our concept on the self. Each article is thoughtfully curated for you, by us. Read More

Take a look behind the scenes of UberEATS to understand the role played by interface design in the delivery of our takeaway meals. The November newsletter takes a look at innovation opportunities that lie in everyday taboos to farms without human workers. All for you, from us. Read More

Ready for a visual feast? Take a look at "Good(Bye) Design" and see how people slowly lose a relationship with true Good Design, while letting your eyes devour what's on screen. Our October newsletter brings you interesting articles from the video game industry to how to embrace D2C, to the future of brick and mortar stores. Brought to you, from us. Read More

Imagine a periodic table that illustrates today's disruptive tech that is shaping the world. Well it exists! The table illustrates 100 innovations ranging from the benign and everyday, to the fringe science that is improbable...but not impossible. Read our September newsletter to learn more, from music made by AI composers to digital coffee. Curated by us, for you. Read More

Contrary to how it may feel VR is not a brand new concept. Trace back its roots and you’ll see its been around for more than 150 years. Read more about the innovative VR juggernaut in the August Mercury Report. While you’re there, learn a little bit more about how innovation can revamp the financial technology industry, the value of experimentation in the innovation process and more fascinating articles brought to you, from us. Read More

Just like previous generations, as millennials age, they are expected to flee the cities for the safety and comfort of the suburbs. But a recent UCLA study shows that it is not quite the case. In fact, cities are at “peak millennial.” What does that mean? Take a look at our Mercury Report to find out. And check out some of our other favorite articles from this month, including our Innovation Toolkit. Read More

With the rise of technology, the way that we work is quickly changing. Could there be a trick to thriving in this ever-changing landscape? Fast Company thinks so, and it includes science. Find out what they are thinking and decide for yourself. While you’re there, check out our other must reads this month including an interview with our very own Innovators on what it takes to become an Innovation Consultant. Read More

This May we collected articles that piqued our interest and hope they will for you too. Take a look inside The Mercury Report to learn more about how beauty retail is uniquely positioned to affect change. For decades, beauty products have allowed free expression. But on the other side of the equation are the companies themselves, who are innovating to become more inclusionary for all makeup lovers. Find out about what beauty retailers are doing as well as this month's book recommendation from Fahrenheiters and other intriguing articles ! Read More

When you think of Ikea, you might think of sleek and modern Swedish furniture. But you should also be thinking of Swedish meatballs. They are the world’s largest meatball retailer. 2 million Ikea meatballs are consumed every day, which is why they’ve started experimenting with meat-less meatballs. Curious about how they do it? Check it out in April’s Mercury Report as well as our point of view on The Trust Economy and how your business can use it to innovate & win. Read More

With the end of February comes the end to the 2018 Winter Olympics. Our own Fahrenheiters, Nick Bertha and Corey Newman reflect on this year’s games through the lens of innovators and how they see the Olympics as the world's largest innovation stage. While you're there, have a read of Will Brown's, F212 Innovation Analyst, view on Futurism. Read More

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