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What will the future of travel look like in 2050? Is Facebook developing tools to read your mind? Food is evolving, especially farming which may eventually not involve water or sun. Change happens quickly, and innovations such as these are major points of disruption for even the most stable of businesses. With vision, preparation, and a gameplan, your business model can survive when disruption hits. Read More

Tech is continually progressing - the Pentagon can now identify you through your heartbeat. But what roles do creativity and imagination play in this tech-driven world? With recent happenings, Walmart has removed all video games depicting violence, and game designers are looking for ways to create the same reward loop without the guns and brutality. By the way, have you heard we're moving to LA? Oh - and here's why you keep getting airdropped memes in crowded spaces. All for you, curated by us. Read More

You've heard of breakfast at Tiffany's, what about lunch at Barney's? As retail sales lag, retailers are looking at alternative ways to engage with their customers. In this month's newsletter we also look at how Ikea, having nailed down their meatball market so well, that they are now the 6th largest food chain, and expanding into the on-demand game. Have you also heard that cult beauty brand SK-II's new spokesperson is totally fake? Before human robots shop with us, they'll be posting alongside us. These and more, in July's newsletter. For you, from us. Read More

Bread has been under attack since the no-carb diet fad began, but we have good news - it's making a comeback! Silicon Valley has fallen back in love with sourdough and they're bringing disruption to the market. You know what else is back? Lava lamps! The retro lava lamp is making comeback in a surprising way. These are just some intriguing articles from this months Mercury Report. Created for you by us. Read More

Peloton has broken into the underserved fitness market. The accessibility of the bike and app allow the fitness obsessed without the time, access, money, or motivation to trek to a trendy boutique class, to stay fit. Read about The Peloton Effect. In a drive to make our lives more efficient we have created the remote control; microwave meals; e-mail; text messages; the iPod; Google Maps;; Siri and Alexa; and, yeah, self-driving cars . But how much ease is too much? Articles like this and more are in our May newsletter. To you, from us. Read More

Did you know that for every car in the US there are 8 parking spaces? Added up that's the size of West Virginia! Read about the opportunities for this space if it was recycled. We recently hosted an event focussed on Gen Z so we were interested in this article about their fast-approaching entrance into the 'real world' and entire industries that are shifting to get ahead of the challenges they will present. These are just two of the best articles we read this month. Take a look at the others, collected for you, by us. Read More

Some say failure breeds success. This month we read about the Gumroad CEO whose pursuit of growth was misguided by the wrong metrics. We also read about how personalization is making its way to the beverage industry. The industry is in the early stages of 'drinks on demand' and we're keeping an eye on it. More thought-provoking articles await in our March newsletter. Take a look at these articles collected for you, by us. Read More

What does it take to create and sustain an innovation culture? We read about how they're not as easy as they seem. We're also reading about the art of decision making - it can be almost undetectable. Sometimes the biggest decisions we make, are made with less direction and thought than our smaller ones. Take a look at these thought-provoking articles in our February newsletter. For you, from us. Read More

This month we take a closer look into how personalization and technology may not be promoting individuality, but rather perpetuated homogeneity. In addition we look at how opting for a ride has never been easier with apps like Uber, Lyft, and Via. But now Lyft is transforming the way we think about transportation sharing. The January newsletter features F212's take on what we think we will start to see brands doing in 2019. These articles brought to you, by us. Read More

Artificial Intelligence was a clear theme in this month's Mercury Report, from it's influence on art to understanding its limitations. We also take a look at the effect of technology on our concept on the self. Each article is thoughtfully curated for you, by us. Read More

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