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Beauty Retail is More Than Sales Deep

by Harry Rosenbaum

When beauty retail employed the open-sell model, it was a revelation: “Sephora and Ulta have tapped into every little girl’s dream of being able to open up their mom’s makeup bag and just play,” one financial researcher said. These stores pioneered the retail shift from transaction to product discovery and trial. Now we're in the midst of a new retail revolution,... Read More

As part of Fahrenheit 212’s Innovator Circle thought-leadership programme, we invited a panel of innovators and start-ups ranging from a recently launched company to a new division within one of the world’s most valuable companies and we dug into what it takes to launch, survive and grow within the Trust Economy. The beauty about drawing on the experience of start-ups is they are operating in the white heat of growth – they have to quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t – but the lessons they’ve learnt are eminently transferable to innovators at businesses of any size. Read More

Thought Leadership

Rethinking Loyalty


“What’s wrong with our product?” Few businesses ever ask their customers for such an honest evaluation. While we often hear that customers want to feel valued, many companies don’t understand how to establish that critical emotional tie. Indeed, emotions are the main driver of loyalty. A recent report conducted by Capgemini found that 82 percent of consumers who have a high level... Read More

The Identity Crisis With the growth of e-commerce, 2-day delivery, and a rising consumer preference for ‘experiences’ over ‘things,’ traditional brick-and-mortar retail is experiencing an identity crisis. It is no longer enough for retailers to use physical space to simply sell products; instead there is an increasing need to create meaningful, experiential, in-person connections with their customers. As designers and... Read More

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