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Ideas that Fuel Social Innovation

by Shaye Roseman, Rahul Desai

The challenge that Fahrenheit X took on was to make New York City's Open Data Initiative more accessible and engaging to the public, and to create the impetus needed for data to galvanize the local innovation economy. Read More

After being a judge at the recent 2018 Fellows’ Midway Pitch hosted by the ELab of the Parson School of Design, Lissa was reminded of key elements to drive ideas at any level. Read More


Call for Projects: 2018 Fahrenheit X

by Shaye Roseman

We're excited to begin accepting project submissions for this year’s Fahrenheit X partnership. Each summer, Fahrenheit 212 deploys our talent and expertise to support the efforts of a mission-driven organization working to address intractable social challenges. Past partners in the Fahrenheit X program include Robin Hood, Teach for America, and the City of New York. Read on for an overview of the program and how to apply. We’d love to work with you. Read More

As part of Fahrenheit 212’s Innovator Circle thought-leadership programme, we invited a panel of innovators and start-ups ranging from a recently launched company to a new division within one of the world’s most valuable companies and we dug into what it takes to launch, survive and grow within the Trust Economy. The beauty about drawing on the experience of start-ups is they are operating in the white heat of growth – they have to quickly figure out what works and what doesn’t – but the lessons they’ve learnt are eminently transferable to innovators at businesses of any size. Read More

Fahrenheit 212 is proud to have partnered with the City of New York to help advance one of their core missions to drive engagement with NYC Open Data. At Fahrenheit 212, we are driven by the shared desire to make things better and make better things. Fahrenheit X, our annual pro-bono program, is just one manifestation of this. We sat down with the... Read More

Thought Leadership

Innovating to Save Cultural Institutions

by Janet T. Planet, Alfia Ilicheva

Few would dispute that cultural institutions add tremendous value to society. The arts are a celebration of our civilization, harkening to our past to provoke self-reflection, while simultaneously propelling us into the future, inspiring new beliefs, goals, and hopes. Yet while the intrinsic merits of cultural institutions are beyond debate, their survival is anything but certain. Technological breakthroughs have revolutionized... Read More

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