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How to Embrace D2C

by Melissa Tischler, Ross Mytton

The world of Consumer Packaged Goods has seen dramatic changes over the last few years resulting from changing consumer expectations for how they interact with a brand. The shift to direct-to-consumer means that companies must realign practices to keep up. Read More

France presents an exciting stage for innovation. Rony Zibara and Liam Buswell discuss their ambitions for the new Paris office. Read More

I have been a CEO, an institutional VP, a senior director, a division head, a project manager, a producer and a consultant. I have 20 years of global executive experience. I hold an MBA and an MA from Ivy League Universities. My most recent position was VP of a business unit inside a branding and marketing agency. And earlier this... Read More

For many companies, committed involvement in the startup ecosystem is a great way to develop innovation capability, build culture and potentially discover products or services that can become part of their portfolio. The Red Bull Launch Institute is Red Bull’s newest foray in the startup world, with a particular focus on discovering, coaching and creating opportunities for collegiate entrepreneurs. The... Read More

Thought Leadership

Artificial Intelligence and the Consumer

by Claire Poland

The world is changing rapidly with the implementation of artificial intelligence. Customers' are more likely to use it in their daily lives. But few companies see AI as a driving force in their relationships with customers. A companies inability to implement AI might leave them behind. Read More

The financial services industry in the US has fallen behind in the technological revolution that others have embraced. Although aspects of new technology have been implemented, the big question is why the US is so far behind in financial innovation? We explore the answer to this question and how it could regain a leadership position. Read More


Innovator Interview: Josh Sultan of Jetson Bikes

by Courtney Pace, Tom Abraham

We sat down with Josh Sultan, CEO of Jetson Bikes to find how he overcomes the challenges of being an entrepreneur Read More

I was recently with a retail client of mine, talking about how to drive growth beyond their core business. “But strategy is dead, right? These days you should just try stuff and see what sticks.”   I don’t know who fed them the “fail fast” mantra, but they were choking on it and desperately needed the Heimlich manoeuvre. I see... Read More

Editorial Feature

Innovation in 2026: Our Cup Runneth Over

by Corey Newman

The 2026 World Cup will be the first World Cup to be hosted by more than two countries. Although brief on details, the innovation section of the United 2026 Bid signifies a clear intention to do things differently. Technology will play a huge part in everything the hosts and FIFA will do, blending the fan experience, businesses, and the game itself. Read More

If you believe that innovation can be consistently achieved by pure sparks of genius, or by creating a series of "innovation initiatives" you're wrong. Sustained, successful innovation is the result of an operating model that ought to be designed according to the entity that wants to put it to use. Read More

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