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The Liberation of Work

by Constance Jeanperrin

Work is the cornerstone of our current living model, as it provides income, social security, and cultural status. Conventional wisdom has it that under normal economic conditions, men between 20 and 50 should almost all be working.  Yet, this cornerstone of society is changing faster and more profoundly now than in the last 70 years. We have no idea what the... Read More

Thought Leadership

Transforming Retail - From Product to Service

by Marcus Oliver

Retail was never easy, but at least it was simple. Lock up the right locations. Sell the right assortment at the right price. Treat your customers right, and they’ll keep coming back. In this simpler age, innovation in retail meant tweaks in assortment, moving milk to the back, brightening up the lighting, and upgrading the shopping carts. The convergence of... Read More


Fahrenheit X: Our Partnership with The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent

by Lissa Fedrizzi, Nick Malouin, Colleen Galbraith, Kala Berg

Fahrenheit 212 works with leading global companies and private equity firms to design innovation and growth strategies that power sustainable, profitable growth. Each year, through Fahrenheit X the firm applies Fahrenheit 212’s methodology to addressing social innovation challenges for a non-profit organization. Previous partners have included Robin Hood, the Guggenheim, Teach for America, NYC Open Data, and the Metropolitan Museum... Read More

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Innover avec un Startup Studio : Plus de risques pour plus de succès

by Andreas Mastorakos, Florence Boudot, René Thomas-Nelson

Introduction Seulement 1 startup sur 10 rencontre un succès commercial alors pourquoi les grands groupes, à l'instar d'AXA, Crédit Agricole, Air France et d'autres créent leur startup studio avec l'objectif d'en lancer plusieurs par an ? Les startups studios séduisent car ils offrent une nouvelle voie pour innover en dehors de l'organisation et des processus internes. Ils attirent aussi les entrepreneurs exigeants qui... Read More

Thought Leadership

Clean Growth

by Jamie Corby, Max Wolke

Although the majority of purpose-led businesses are reducing their environmental impact and outperforming their peers, the majority of large multinationals are still in the modus of tweaking business models so that they are only slightly ‘less bad’ for the planet. None have yet invented a business model that is truly carbon neutral or one that has a positive environmental impact.... Read More

In our last post we described why critical thinking is a necessary and valuable skill that can help to improve decision making and unlock bigger topline growth opportunities. In this post we turn theory into practice. This is the scene.  It’s the summer of 2017. We are a fly-on-the-wall in the office of an Automotive executive. He is trying to... Read More

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Confidence: The New Competitive Advantage

by Tom Gray

With the growth of Lean Start-up thinking there has come a corresponding growth of lean methods applied to scaled businesses. While the attraction is clear, the execution is often difficult and conflicts with what makes the business successful in the first place. Experimentation is potentially the most exciting of the lean methods in how it can supercharge a business’ innovation efforts. And yet while... Read More

Thought Leadership

Can Blockchain And AI Become Brothers-in-Arms?

by Mark Esposito - Guest author

At Fahrenheit 212 we have an insatiable curiosity about what comes next, and we know that great innovation results from insights and points of view from outside our everyday. As part of a series of posts from experts in their field, Mark Esposito gives us a deep dive into AI. Besides having co-founded an AI company called Nexus FrontierTech, he... Read More

Thought Leadership

Movie Theaters' Second Act

by Amaris Singer

I love movies, but Avengers: Endgame is the first movie I’ve seen in theaters in months. Most movies don’t justify leaving my couch. This shift in consumer behavior is part of the problem, magnified by media fragmentation, risk averse studios, and the demands of a blockbuster-driven box office strategy. As Derek Thompson said in The Atlantic, “film used to be... Read More


We're Saying "What's Up" to LA

by Fahrenheit 212

Fahrenheit 212 is growing and expanding its reach across North America with the opening of a new location in Los Angeles. We sat down with Alex Stock, Partner and West Coast Lead to get an understanding of his ambitions for the new Los Angeles office. Tell us about how you got into innovation and your journey to Fahrenheit 212. I... Read More

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