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Rethinking Loyalty

by Carin van Vuuren

“What’s wrong with our product?” Few businesses ever ask their customers for such an honest evaluation. While we often hear that customers want to feel valued, many companies don’t understand how to establish that critical emotional tie. Indeed, emotions are the main driver of loyalty. A recent report conducted by Capgemini found that 82 percent of consumers who have a high level... Read More

The Identity Crisis With the growth of e-commerce, 2-day delivery, and a rising consumer preference for ‘experiences’ over ‘things,’ traditional brick-and-mortar retail is experiencing an identity crisis. It is no longer enough for retailers to use physical space to simply sell products; instead there is an increasing need to create meaningful, experiential, in-person connections with their customers. As designers and... Read More

How would you define innovation in a business sense? This buzzword has been frequently banded around over the last decade, as under-pressure C-suiters have scrabbled around for fresh revenue streams. So much so that the true approach and value of innovation may be getting lost. Todd Rovak, the Brooklyn-based chief executive of innovation and design consulting firm Fahrenheit 212, used by... Read More

One of our main jobs as Innovators is to ask: What if we could redesign everything? It just so happens that this is also the main function of the Disruptive Innovation Festival, so last week we teamed up with them to explore the topic of Trust. Though an age-old conversation, it’s never been more vital for business, nor more potentially destructive, and thrown into the mixing pot with tech, we’re seeing the barriers between companies and consumers drastically shift across every industry. Innovators from all corners of the globe and a vast array of industries joined us to explore what this really means for us, business and the real commercial opportunity that exists within the Trust Economy. Read More

Will Brown, Analyst at Fahrenheit 212, was just awarded the 2017 Service Design Award. When he obtaining his Master’s degree at the Glasgow School of Art from 2015-2016, he partnered with Eloise Smith Foster, Ola Kozawska, a few of his peers and the Royal Bank of Scotland design team for four months to develop their human-centred design process and carry... Read More

Thought Leadership

Innovator Interview: Julia Capalino of ‎Bloomerent

by Katie Burwick

Diversity and tension of perspectives are crucial to innovation. Our Innovator Interview series digs into the diverse perspectives, approaches, missions, and drivers of entrepreneurs changing the world on the ground. This week, we interview Julia Capalino from Bloomerent.   Who are you, and what do you do? I’m the co-founder of Bloomerent, a marketplace for brides, grooms and event hosts to... Read More

The recent retail experience innovations by Sephora, Nordstrom, IKEA and Amazon have certainly created a lot of noise, but what does it all mean and how can you navigate the rapidly changing retail landscape? According to the recent Meaningful Brands report by Havas , ‘75% of us expect brands to make more of a contribution to our wellbeing and quality of life,... Read More

Fahrenheit 212 is proud to have partnered with the City of New York to help advance one of their core missions to drive engagement with NYC Open Data. At Fahrenheit 212, we are driven by the shared desire to make things better and make better things. Fahrenheit X, our annual pro-bono program, is just one manifestation of this. We sat down with the... Read More

Innovation is a two-sided challenge, and can only truly happen when it simultaneously solves for the needs of the consumer and of the business. Ideas are easy, but merging big ideas with business acumen is hard, and the key to sustainable growth. At Fahrenheit 212, we call these “Money and Magic” innovations.  Read on for six of the best Money... Read More


Voices Of Fahrenheit: Felicity Emmett

by Katie Burwick

Fahrenheit 212’s people are the best and brightest innovators in the world. We hail from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and industries, but are connected by a shared passion to make things better and to make better things. Voices of Fahrenheit is a series that shares perspectives from the individuals behind the innovations at Fahrenheit 212 to give you a glimpse into... Read More

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