Event: When Disruption Hits Your Business Model – Surviving The Collision

July 02, 2019 | 8:00 AM - 9:30 AM City of London - Vintry & Mercer, EC4V 2AU

About the Event

As the speed of change for businesses increases, the challenge for leaders is not just to develop new products and propositions, but to develop the new business models that can deliver them profitably and at scale.

But how do you innovate a business model? What are the tools and tricks that big businesses can learn from start-ups? And what should they do differently?

Join us for a strategy and innovation breakfast to get:

  • Insights from big brands who have innovated their own business model, and the start-ups who are challenging the status quo
  • New ways of understanding and innovating your business model
  • Tools and tips to apply to your own business

Our panel includes the CEO of a start-up leaning into the change, and innovators from a FTSE 100 CPG company and a leading global technology company. 

AUDIENCE: This event is for you if you are a senior leader working within an innovation team or sponsoring one for a big business. It is important for us that we maintain the integrity of our corporate entrepreneur community so this event is for industry personnel and not for consultants or consulting firms.