Private Equity Innovators' Circle: Putting the X back into Exit Multiples

About the Event

Driving returns by doubling down on innovation.



Join Fahrenheit 212’s Private Equity experts for a provocative discussion on how innovation can drive portfolio returns throughout the investment life cycle. 

Over the past five years, Fahrenheit 212 has helped a number of top global private equity firms transform their growth playbooks and create new value through due diligence, hold and exit. 

Courtney Pace is Fahrenheit 212’s Head of Strategy, lead Private Equity advisor on innovation and oversees our engagements with Private Equity firms and their portfolio companies. Over the past five years, the firm has helped many top Private Equity firms drive portfolio returns by leveraging the power of growth through innovation. 

During the session we will cover:
•    Why innovation matters to private equity: why success today requires greater transformation of the assets acquired;
•    Tenets of innovating in Private Equity: how to carve out distinct positions in the market and be a true driver of differentiation;
•    The difference between winners & losers: how to create value at the every stage of the PE investment lifecycle.

You can register for Fahrenheit 212 Private Equity Innovators' Circle in the city most convenient for you here:

•    18th September: Oslo                REGISTER
•    20th September: Stockholm     REGISTER
•    25th September: London          REGISTER
•    30th October: San Francisco    REGISTER      
•    1st November: New York          REGISTER




This is event is for leaders in Private Equity or working within an innovation team, leading or sponsoring one in a big business. The event is for industry personnel only – no third party consultants.


  • 18th September 2018


  • 20th September 2018


  • 25th September 2018


  • 30th October 2018

    San Fransisco

  • 1st November 2018

    New York


Courtney Pace

Courtney Pace

Partner, Head of Strategy, Head of Private Equity