With new data protection laws looming here in Europe perhaps you, like me, have enjoyed the increasingly desperate overtures from businesses that you’ve never heard of asking your permission to keep sending you things you never wanted.


Not only is GDPR a good step towards evening the balance of power in personal data, it’s a great way to Spring clean your inbox. With that in mind, here are six newsletters that get the thumbs up from across the money/magic spectrum of innovators here at F212. They’ll make you more interesting, more interested, and they’ll give you the building blocks for better ideas.


Exponential View

One of the highlights of my Sunday is this thoughtful, mind-expanding mailer from Azeem Azhar that focuses on exponential technologies. Expect lots on AI, Big data, automation, blockchain, autonomous vehicles, energy and more. But far from geekery, this usually offers challenging points of view that focus on impact, issues and ethics. EV also gets you ahead of the curve by pointing at original studies rather than reporting on the news. And if nothing else, the ‘short morsels to appear smart at dinner parties’ are worth the subscription alone.

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A daily bite-sized chunk of business, finance and the economics. Pithy without being patronising, it explains the movements of the markets in plain English. Perfect for people who want to understand the money but can’t be bothered to read the business pages 

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Quartz Obsession

Describing itself as a daily digression into the most fascinating corners of the global economy, QO is the antidote to superficiality, going deep on a single topic to the point of complete immersion. Ever wondered what connects volcanoes, Johnny Cash and hemorrhoid medication? Obsession can join those dots for you. 

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Brain Pickings

For beautifully written long reads that span science, poetry, creativity and innovation, Maria Popova’s newsletter and site is a labour of love and a labyrinth of links in which to lose yourself. Expect to jump from meditations on the colour blue to evolutionary biology and the collected wisdom of great writers.

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Benedict Evans

This weekly boatload of links from Benedict Evans of venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz gives you a taste of the angles that VCs are running right now - featuring not only quotable facts and figures, but more importantly the implications - which you’ll need for paradigm-busting insights that drive fresh ideas.

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Boiling Point

And if all of the above feels like a little too much content for one inbox, Fahrenheit 212’s monthly newsletter ‘The Mercury Report’ delivers a digest of the news, issues and ideas that have been occupying us, together with fresh thinking from both sides of Money and Magic. Sign up here.