Make Things Better 

We are appalled at the profound injustice that has played out around us. Yet we can’t equate getting worked up with the actual work that real change requires. We must look inward at the impact of our own choices as companies and individuals as the first step toward broader change for our communities. For Fahrenheit 212, this means three things. 

  • First, acknowledging that our firm and our industry have summarily failed to attract and cultivate talent from black and brown communities. We are doubling-down on a reimagined recruiting program we began in January. We will measure success by dramatically increasing the flow of candidates of color through our door, and over time by having the complexion of our firm better reflect our society.

  • Second, we will redirect our Fahrenheit X program, which each year points our best and brightest at NGO projects aimed at making a better world, entirely toward organizations connected to social justice and the Black Lives Matter movement. If you’re part of a group fighting that fight, apply here. We will measure success by the impact this project has within the chosen partner organization.

  • Third, we will commit to training and education across our company on ways to spot and root out embedded racist thought patterns or behaviors – overt or subtle – in ourselves, our communities and the ways we interact, fostering discussion in forums and further exploration as individuals. We will measure success by our participation rate, as well as the longevity and strength of this effort as an enduring part of our company culture.  

Please join us in these initial steps of a long journey ahead, for ourselves, our firm, and our society.