Prepare for the Competitor You Won't See Coming

In a market rife with disruption, from start-ups upending incumbents to major players redefining long-standing industry lines, traditional growth strategies are drastically shortsighted. New world strategy requires diverse expertise – growth, innovations, digital – working in unison.

Catalyze Action Around a Common Enemy

Echo is a future-first growth strategy that creates a comprehensive vision of your competitor-of-the-future. We bring this credible threat to life by defining its products and services, business model, organizational structure, and technologies, providing your company a common enemy to rally against.

Build a Better Plan for the Future

The Echo process defines a competitor that is not shackled to current market realities, and envisions a future not limited by your company’s existing business or political constraints. Ultimately, we arm you to compete with this vision. We create a future state for your company, complete with a strategic plan of attack.