Marriott used to be known for creating perfectly predictable experiences for its guests. Turns out, Millennials want the exact opposite of that. But with the help of Fahrenheit 212, Marriott is winning over the next generation of travelers. Elizabeth Segran of Fast Company reports:

“Over the last few years, Marriott has been carefully observing the generational shifts in travel preferences. "The trademark of the boomer was that they wanted familiarity, safety, and comfort," says Wolfgang Lindlbauer, chief discipline leader, global operations at Marriott International. "As an international hotel company, Marriott has leveraged its scale as a competitive advantage for many years, but what we’re finding is that the next-generation consumer wants the exact opposite of what we’re delivering."

Lindlbauer is leading a charge to transform Marriott into a hip, sexy brand that will appeal to its next generation of guests. To do this, his team has hired Fahrenheit 212, a consulting firm that specializes in reaching millennials. Together, the two companies have delved into the psyche of the typical millennial hotel guest.

Over the years, Fahrenheit 212 has developed a proprietary list of "Rules of Engagement" for working with millennials. For instance, the firm believes that millennials need to be convinced of the value of a product or an organization through storytelling. Millennials value companies that have a powerful vision and a distinct point of view on the world. They also appreciate it when companies have strong connections to the local community—and they are more impressed by raw entrepreneurial talent than in the mighty displays of wealth and power by big corporations."

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