What should innovators do differently to win in the tougher climate ahead?

Join innovation strategy & design firm Fahrenheit 212 for a presentation and kitchen table talk on Innovating for a Recession. Designed for senior business leaders and front-line innovators, this session will explore how the recession ahead will affect consumer response to the innovations in your pipeline, what to do about it, and how to address the new needs and mindsets the post-COVID recession will trigger. 

Fahrenheit 212 Founder & President Mark Payne and Head of Strategy & Private Equity Courtney Pace share insights gleaned from the last Great Recession, and principles for how to win in the new one that’s been thrust upon us now. 

As a firm best known for helping our clients solve mission critical innovation problems that have no playbook, Fahrenheit 212’s Innovating for a Recession shares ten tenets to guide companies on how to use innovation in a down cycle as a driver of growth today and into the future. Join us for the conversation!

This is part of a multi-part series about the world after COVID-19. The foundation article of the series, Innovating for a Recession, can be found here.