We're excited to begin accepting project submissions for this year’s Fahrenheit X partnership. Each year, Fahrenheit 212 deploys our talent and expertise to support the efforts of a mission-driven organization working to address social challenges. Past partners in the Fahrenheit X program include the International Federation of the Red Cross, the Robin Hood Foundation, Teach for America, the City of New York, and The Guggenheim Museum. 

This year, Fahrenheit 212 is seeking to partner with an organization focused on racial justice, including but not limited to, the realms of criminal justice reform, education and mentoring, mental health, and diversity & inclusion. 

Read on for an overview of the program and how to apply. We’d love to work with you. 


 Over the last two decades, Fahrenheit 212 has helped some of the world's greatest companies create sustainable, profitable growth through innovation. After designing the method, building the model, and assembling the minds to make innovation a predictable driver of growth for our clients’ businesses, in 2013 we made a commitment to apply our innovation expertise and give back to our community by deploying our talent to solve social innovation challenges. Fahrenheit X, our annual pro bono initiative was born. 

As a premier innovation consultancy that is obsessed with outcomes, we believe the most significant impact we can deliver is that which moves the needle in making the world a better place. We seek to build enduring partnerships with mission-driven organizations and to harness our intellectual property, methodology, and talent to tackle real-world problems together. 

What is the program and how does it work?

Fahrenheit X is the annual pro-bono consulting program through which Fahrenheit 212 deploys our intellectual property, methodology, talent, and expertise to support the work of organizations solving social innovation challenges. 

Fahrenheit X projects are flexible in scope and can fit a range of engagement models in order to best address our partners’ identified challenges. The most common format is a 6-8 week innovation or growth strategy delivered in the early fall. 

Last year, we embarked on an 8-week journey with the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent (IFRC) to design the strategy and develop concrete opportunities to deepen the IFRC’s climate crisis engagement with current and future volunteers around the world.  Emphasizing local relevance and adaptability, ease-of-scalability, and opportunity for high and low-tech applications, the final portfolio of solutions included ideas such as the Daily Challenge, which allows volunteers to track their climate contributions and earn recognition amongst peers, and Mapping Resilience, a tool that leverages existing technology to enable community members to identify and map community needs like climate preparedness, resilience tactics, and disaster relief.

Generally, the best-fit projects for Fahrenheit X are focused initiatives that deliver a specific outcome our partner organization requires in order to achieve their programmatic objectives. If selected, we’ll work with you to scope and structure a suitable engagement that delivers on your organization’s goals and ambitions. 

How do we apply?

We're currently accepting applications! You can apply here.

Questions, ideas or comments? Get in touch with Fahrenheit-X’s program manager, Lissa Fedrizzi or Strategy Director Colleen Galbraith.