Innovation moves forward.

For anyone brave enough or crazy enough to make innovation their daily calling, this is a given.

But in the same blink it’s something bigger – a mandate to hang on the wall lest we ever forget it.

The past few decades have unleashed a remarkable forward march of technology, human imagination, design and new ways of creating value, transforming the fabric of daily life and modern business.

Seeing this transformation from the innovation front lines, an exciting subplot is playing out.

Innovation isn’t merely driving change. It’s undergoing big changes of its own.

Not long ago, innovation was an under-the-radar business activity. Everyone applauded when serendipity served up an occasional breakthrough. But few businesses were relying on innovation to keep them relevant and growing.

That’s all changing.

With breakneck speed, forces of disruption, shifts in consumer expectations, erosion of barriers to entry and a vibrant startup movement have propelled innovation from the background to a position as one of the most important activities for any growth-minded business to get right.

The consequences are big. Innovation is simply too important to be random anymore.

Everything we’ve ever done at Fahrenheit 212, every spark of creativity, every twist of a business model, every deep human insight, every analytical dissection of a company, every training session - has been in service of our passion for defining what a company should create next.

But for the innovation discipline to be truly effective today, we must empower our creative impetus with new capabilities. Capabilities like robust software development, supply chain expertise, unique access to emerging technology and data analytics – things a few steps beyond what innovation firms are asked to do today – will soon become core requirements in the way innovation is conceived and driven to market.

Big thinking doesn’t have big value if it goes no further than Powerpoint.

This all points to a bolder future and a new set of requirements for the business of innovation consulting. Where success isn’t measured in mere possibility, but in big strategies and breakthrough ideas made real.

It’s in our restless nature to take the next leap. We’ve never hesitated to stare down or tear down an orthodoxy that seemed out of step with observable reality.

When it became popular to say that rampant innovation failure is normal and noble, we saw it as a huge problem that needed fixing.

And where the conventional wisdom said creativity and analytical strategic grunt should be kept separate like church and state, we saw the power of fusing them into a bigger whole.

The track record of our Money & Magic innovation model to not only transform success rates, but to attract exceptional inventive minds drawn to this combination is all testament to that restlessness.

As is our next exciting chapter: Fahrenheit 212 is joining forces with Capgemini Consulting in a marriage of shared intent.

For Fahrenheit 212’s part, it represents a way to leapfrog our competitive set and bring an entirely unique combined force to market. Individually and in aggregate, our new capabilities will drive the realization of innovations as powerfully as we’ve ignited them at the front end.

Overnight we’ll gain access to new ability to turn big ideas into not just prototypes, but enterprise level solutions. We’ll also plug into Capgemini’s global network of Applied Innovation Exchanges – nine workspaces around the world for exploring emerging-technology led transformation in areas like retail innovation, internet of things, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

For our partners at Capgemini, linking up with Fahrenheit 212 represents a step toward their vision of redefining the way the consulting industry thinks and works. Bringing their world-class consulting and implementation practices to future-state problem solving and design.

Together we share a belief that solving for the challenges our clients will face in the future is only possible through the kind of visionary forward thinking that opens opportunities that aren’t yet in sight.

Our collaboration on shaping that future state begins today.

To ensure our unique culture, team and ways of working continue to grow, Fahrenheit 212 will operate as we always have – as a freestanding brand and group.

Our people are excited.

Our clients are excited.

Overnight, it makes Fahrenheit 212 the most deeply resourced and agile innovation firm on earth.

Innovation moves forward.

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