Ever wonder about the differences between men and women in the workplace? In the field of innovation, we’ve observed that men and women often bring different approaches, lenses, and perspectives to an innovation challenge.

As part of Fast Company’s Innovation Festival 2016, Fahrenheit 212 hosted a Women in Innovation (WIN) event focused on six superpowers for the 21st century innovator – Five Senses, Multitasking, Empathy, Time Travel, Lateral Thinking, and Proactive Fatalism. WIN created these superpowers to equip both women and men with techniques and mindsets that make women so successful at innovation.

Women in Innovation is an independent non-profit co-founded and led by Fahrenheit 212’s Melissa Tischler, Alfia Ilicheva, and Maria Potoroczyn, with membership and support from fifteen different firms in the innovation consultancy space. WIN seeks to empower and inspire women working in the field of innovation to become world-class leaders, disruptive thinkers, and change-makers of today and tomorrow. Events like yesterday’s are central to WIN’s mission to close the gender gap in the innovation space.