Fahrenheit 212’s people are passionate innovators that hail from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and industries, and are connected by a shared passion to make things better and to make better things.

Today, we're celebrating a group of Fahrenheit 212 New York team members and friends — Shaye Roseman, Tom Abraham, Alejandro Largo, Arunima Agarwal, Gisela Andras, Julia Sigal, Rahul Desai, Ross Mytton, and Jeremy Ney — for winning #NYCBigApps’ Transportation Challenge. They turned their side project to improve transportation for the elderly in New York City (with many early mornings and late nights) into an incredible proposition that once implemented, will make life better for New Yorkers commuting daily. We sat down with a few of the team members — Rahul, Shaye, Tom, and Julia — to hear the story behind OnBoard. Watch the video here.

OnBoard is a distributed passenger check-in system for New York City’s paratransit network (Access-A-Ride). By creating a public, independent database of passenger pickups, OnBoard empowers transit advocates to assess and improve service schedules and quality, and ensures a safer, more reliable ride for thousands of New Yorkers. 

Note: not all team members were able to be present for filming, as several team members are not employed by Fahrenheit 212.