Fahrenheit 212 is a special place. We have an incredible group of diverse innovators that are collectively fueled to help our clients solve their challenges as if they were our own. As one Fahrenheiter told me, “if one of us were to stumble on something that was broken, we would pick it up and try to fix it.” It’s a unique company with unique people, so I wanted to dig into what makes us special by asking our people what work and life is like at Fahrenheit 212. Here are their thoughts.

On what makes the culture at Fahrenheit 212…

“It’s deeply important to us that we do things very well. So we have a culture of pushing each other to continue to improve. We want to nail it so that our clients can move forward with our ideas and succeed with them.”

Adam Rubin, Innovation Director and Head of Intellectual Property

“We are fixated on the power of the idea at the end of the day. That wins every time. The pursuit of the idea drives everyone, and the different perspectives and our culture of debate help push it further.”

Alex Stock, Engagement Director

On what makes the people so unique…

“The variety of backgrounds and the sheer intelligence here is unique. The people at Fahrenheit are high caliber, and everyone brings different experiences – it’s not just nature, it’s nurture as well.”

Jonathan Fraser, Senior Associate, Idea Development

“We are supremely intellectually curious. We want to know how something works, why it exists, how it makes money. We’re omnichannel thinkers that can connect the dots between one task to another.”

Atika Sanchetee, Engagement Manager

On what it’s like to work in the office…

“I have thrived in the collaborative space that is created here. The process is all about creating with reason and purpose, and in order to achieve that we bring all of the different perspectives together.”

- Jonathan Greenblatt, Visual Designer

“There is stimulus all around. Our collaboration can be sporty – it’s mentally challenging but it is also physically engaging. We put ideas on the board, move things around, prototype. There’s a great energy to the environment.”

Christina Ducruet, Innovation Consultant

On what makes the work so interesting…

“I really enjoy our partnership with our clients. We are fortunate to work with super smart people who come to us with their most difficult problems because they need an innovation partner. That’s really exciting as these are very real challenges.”

Atika Sanchetee, Engagement Manager

“It’s different every day and project. That variety is fantastic. At every level, we encourage people to take responsibility and ownership for distinct things in a project so that everyone is always learning.”

Lyndsey Wheeler, Innovation Associate

“Even though there is a different challenge or industry from project to project, we are great at leveraging learnings for the next project and cross-pollinating.”

Jamie Podhaizer, Engagement Manager

Call it a humblebrag, but being surrounded by a team of such passionate and diverse innovators makes each day inspiring and pushes us all to improve.