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Movie Theaters' Second Act


by Amaris Singer

I love movies, but Avengers: Endgame is the first movie I’ve seen in theaters in months. Most movies don’t justify leaving my couch. This shift... Read More
We're Saying "What's Up" to LA


by Fahrenheit 212

Fahrenheit 212 is growing and expanding its reach across North America with the opening of a new location in Los Angeles. We sat down with... Read More
When Disruption Hits Your Business Model – Surviving The Collision


by Tobias Rooney, Tom Gray

So much has been said about disruptive innovation, that it can sometimes feel that to be in a traditional, scaled business is to somehow be... Read More
9 Lessons To Crack The Blue Ocean - From An Innovator Inspired By The Sea


by Clemence Lambert

This month Fahrenheit 212 will be celebrating its one-year anniversary since opening its doors in Paris. As part of the first innovation pod, I wanted... Read More
The Theory of Fragmented Strategies


by Kariappa Bheemaiah

“From the earliest traceable cosmical changes down to the latest results of civilization, we shall find that the transformation of the homogeneous into the heterogeneous... Read More
Voices of Fahrenheit: Viresh Chopra


by Claire Poland

Fahrenheit 212 has the best and brightest innovators in the world. We hail from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and industries, but are connected by a shared... Read More
Why Innovation Matters

by Courtney Pace, Matt Krieg

Imagine a world where markets are so efficient there are no longer undervalued assets. Where you have too much capital, too few assets to chase,... Read More
Big Strategy Is Dead


by Tobias Rooney

Who still writes 5-year strategy plans? For most businesses ‘big strategies’ are out of date within 18 months. Does this mean we are “post-strategy?” Are... Read More
Life After Lean Startup: Why Critical Thinking Is The Key To Building Profitable Businesses


by Max Wolke

Critical thinking is a capability that can support businesses to identify bigger growth opportunities, because it helps us to ask better questions and make more informed judgements. It is a much needed counterweight to the celebration of speed and iterative working promoted by lean startup Read More
Rethinking Design Thinking


by Mark Payne

Design Thinking, the widely celebrated innovation model built on observation and prototyping, seems overdue to be assessed with the same scrutiny and iterative spirit it... Read More
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