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The New Normal


by Tobias Rooney, Tian Zhang

This is not another article about how to cope with the Coronavirus, it is about how to deal with what the world looks like when... Read More
The War is on Between Big Tech And Automakers - And The Battleground is Voice


by Alex Stock

Seventy-three percent of drivers expect to use a voice assistant built into their cars for one or more purposes by 2022, according to the Capgemini... Read More
The Liberation of Work


by Constance Jeanperrin

Work is the cornerstone of our current living model, as it provides income, social security, and cultural status. Conventional wisdom has it that under normal economic... Read More
Transforming Retail - From Product to Service


by Marcus Oliver

Retail was never easy, but at least it was simple. Lock up the right locations. Sell the right assortment at the right price. Treat your... Read More
Fahrenheit X: Our Partnership with The International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent


by Lissa Fedrizzi, Nick Malouin, Colleen Galbraith, Kala Berg

Fahrenheit 212 works with leading global companies and private equity firms to design innovation and growth strategies that power sustainable, profitable growth. Each year, through... Read More
Innover avec un Startup Studio : Plus de risques pour plus de succès


by Andreas Mastorakos, Florence Boudot, René Thomas-Nelson

Introduction Seulement 1 startup sur 10 rencontre un succès commercial alors pourquoi les grands groupes, à l'instar d'AXA, Crédit Agricole, Air France et d'autres créent... Read More
Clean Growth


by Jamie Corby, Max Wolke

Although the majority of purpose-led businesses are reducing their environmental impact and outperforming their peers, the majority of large multinationals are still in the modus... Read More
Do Think Twice, It's Alright

by Max Wolke

In our last post we described why critical thinking is a necessary and valuable skill that can help to improve decision making and unlock bigger... Read More
Confidence: The New Competitive Advantage


by Tom Gray

With the growth of Lean Start-up thinking there has come a corresponding growth of lean methods applied to scaled businesses. While the attraction is clear, the execution... Read More
Can Blockchain And AI Become Brothers-in-Arms?


by Mark Esposito - Guest author

At Fahrenheit 212 we have an insatiable curiosity about what comes next, and we know that great innovation results from insights and points of view... Read More
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