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Voices of Fahrenheit: Lyndsey Wheeler


Lyndsey Wheeler

Fahrenheit 212’s people are the best and brightest innovators in the world. We hail from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and industries, but are connected by a shared passion to make things better and to make better things. Voices of Fahrenheit is a series that shares perspectives from the individuals behind the innovations at Fahrenheit 212 to give you a glimpse into their days and what makes them tick.

This week, we interview Lyndsey Wheeler, Analyst at Fahrenheit 212.

What do you do at Fahrenheit 212?

I’m part of Fahrenheit’s first analyst program. I started last year in August. The analyst program consists of 6 months on the commercial strategy team and 6 on the idea development team. I’m just wrapping up my complete rotation, having spent time on both sides. Along with the other two analysts, I do research: identifying trends, patterns, and innovation opportunities; and ultimately helping generate and articulate ideas that solve for the consumer and the company.

When do you feel most creative?

When I am able to talk to other people and bounce ideas off them. The best ideas can come from discussion.

Do you have any rituals for the innovation process?

Going to the back bar where designers are working; putting on some headphones, taking my notebook and my pen out and listening to music.

Where do you call home?

I would call New York my home but originally I come from Alexandria, Virginia which is outside of DC. I went to school at Philadelphia, which feels sort of like my home too. I guess I feel home in a lot of cities; I fall in love with cities. So, New York right now is home.

What do you never leave home without?

I never leave without my running shoes. I always have them in my backpack just in case. I love to run, walking and exploring everywhere.

When did you first get into the field of innovation?

This is my first job after school. I found out about the field of innovation through my internship at a start up. Obviously, by nature start ups are innovative. I got excited by creating new things, finding new markets or gaps in the existing ones.

What innovation are you most proud of?

I am really proud to say that I was part of the team that worked with a leading food and beverage brand. Recently, we tested a lot of the ideas for snacking and breakfast and created new products. All our ideas have done remarkably well in testing.

What is your go-to reading source?

I am on Twitter a lot. I consume my news and kind of leisure readings through Twitter; NYT, technology blogs like VentureBeat, Wired. I also like food blogs, New York Magazine but I get all through Twitter.

What is your favorite innovation in the last decade?

I think that the most mind blowing thing for me was mobile banking and e-payments. The fact that I can go online —literally on my phone– and pay my credit card bill or transfer money is insane to me.

What is the best advice you’ve received at Fahrenheit 212?

Το never be afraid to speak up in a meeting. One thing that is really awesome about Fahrenheit is that everyones’ opinions are valued. We are trying to create the best things possible and it’s important to push yourself and not be afraid not to speak up. This advice has really benefited me.

Do you have any side projects, hobbies, or a previous life you would like to share?

I love exploring the city; I am a big runner and cyclist. In my spare time, I create my own jewelry from found materials such as wood and glass and do a lot of random art projects. I’ve also recently discovered the magic of sous vide cooking and have turned my desk into a food innovation lab, where I’ve been experimenting cooking with different foods, cook times, and temperatures

“We are trying to create the best things possible and it’s important to push yourself and not be afraid not to speak up.”