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Voices Of Fahrenheit: Jill Iannazzi


Jill Iannazzi
Officer Manager

Fahrenheit 212’s people are the best and brightest innovators in the world. We hail from diverse cultures, backgrounds, and industries, but are connected by a shared passion to make things better and to make better things. Voices of Fahrenheit is a series that shares perspectives from the individuals behind the innovations at Fahrenheit 212 to give you a glimpse into their days and what makes them tick.

This week, we interview Jill Iannazzi, Officer Manager at Fahrenheit 212’s New York office.

What do you do at Fahrenheit 212?

As the Office Manager I am responsible for maintaining and improving the overall office experience. I try to think outside the box when it comes to creating new ideas and initiatives to make this the best place for our staff.  In addition to office management I also support finances, recruitment, and on-boarding. Jack (Jill) of all trades.

Where do you feel most creative?

For me, I feel the most creative when I am out exploring around the city with no plan or agenda. Shutting off and taking in my surroundings, stumbling upon new streets and hidden gems makes me feel a new sense of my environment. 

Do you have any rituals for the innovation process?

Keeping my mind fresh is a ritual I try to maintain especially living in New York. Seeing new things and exploring the unknown makes me think of new better ideas for myself and our office.

Where do you call home?

Currently and for the last 4 years New York and more specifically the east side has been my home. However, I am from a very small beach town about an hour north of Boston. It is the opposite of Manhattan, very quiet with no chain stores, mostly fishing boats, lobsters, and beach life. 

What do you never leave home without?

Headphones. I always have them on me no matter where I am going. 

When did you first get into the field of innovation?

In college I decided to change my path entirely. I started off as a business major and after 2 years of not being able to take art classes I did a drastic change. I became an art major with a business minor. The thought was a blend of creative thinking and business structured analytics. I started my path with innovation about a year ago when joining Fahrenheit but I have always had a passion for new concepts and initiatives.  

What innovation are you most proud of?

For our office, I brought the idea of snacking. After a few months of working here I realized that our staff likes to leave around 2 or 3PM to head out for an afternoon snack. In order to keep everyone motivated and work harder, I brought the concept of snacks into our office. Now we have fruit and snacks to keep everyone on a high level of productivity. 

What is your go-to reading source?

I follow a blog called Well & Good that is all about NY specific healthy living and workouts. They always have the best new local shops, restaurants, and the top trending workouts that you have to try.

Do you have any side projects, hobbies, or a previous life you would like to share?

I’m a painter, which I don’t think too many people know. I normally paint very large scale and I use to focus on painting through chicken-wire. I would stretch chicken wire over a wooden frame and then push paint through to make my art. Very different and not sure how I ever came up with the idea! Now my paintings tend to be a bit smaller but always with a lot of medium and texture.

“Keeping my mind fresh is a ritual I try to maintain especially living in New York. Seeing new things and exploring the unknown makes me think of new better ideas for myself and our office.”