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The Soap Bus Ticket

By Charlie Herrmann
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The most beautiful solutions are often the simplest ones.

Today’s example is provided by Amiri Hospital Group, which took on the challenge to improve public health throughout Sri Lanka. A tough ask when, for example, most public toilets do not have soap, causing a high circulation of diseases. And, with buses being one of the most convenient and popular ways to commute, public transportation vehicles were turning into microbial greenhouses on wheels.

To solve this problem, Leo Burnett created the the first ever bus ticket made of soap. Printable, and looking exactly like a paper ticket, the idea didn’t require any change in consumer behavior. To top it all, the ticket smells great. Coupled with an effective, well-designed print campaign, this innovation has helped Sri-Lankans better access sanitation, with genius and simplicity.

The video illustrating the idea is available here.