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The Empowerment of the Blank Page

By Charles Herrmann
Click here to read about Liberland’s Urbanisation Project

Have you ever thought that the past and heritage impede change? Have you ever wondered why our cities’ infrastructure and architecture seem barely progress in an age where science and technology thrive more than ever? What if we had the chance to start it all over again?

The Free Republic of Liberland (not kidding) may become the example of things done right. Liberland is a self-proclaimed micro-nation located between Croatia and Serbia, founded by Czech politician (and self-proclaimed president) Vít Jedlička, in April 2015. You can read all about this nation and its constitution here. Fun fact: to become a citizen, you must acquire a total of 10,000 ‘merits’ (the micro-nation’s currency), obtained through donations and help on the project.

Liberland organized a competition to design a full visual plan for the urbanization of the land, and recently selected its winners (awarding 10,000 merits, and therefore citizenship to the nation). The winner, RAW-NYC Architects, designed a bold, super-sustainable and innovative take on what cities could be today. The city will be built in vertical layers, stacked on top of each other, with a ground layer of algae (thriving without sun) providing energy and farming grounds. The whole city is also built maximizing transit capacities, allowing transportation within a 10-minute walk from any public area, eliminating the need of cars (although the nation mentioned that allowance of cars will be voted by citizens). The whole project looks like a science-fictional utopia, but then again, is it really?

You can read about the competition here and find more details about the project here.
And if it is something that tickles your fancy, you can apply for citizenship online, as long as you never belonged to an extremist or communist party, and respect the ‘untouchable’ concept of private property.