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Money and Magic: The Innovation Equation

For deliverable innovation you need both Money and Magic for the equation to balance.

Fahrenheit 212 marries the hardcore analytics and commercial acumen typically found in a management consultancy or investment bank, with the kind of inventive lateral thinking, consumer insights, design and storytelling of a world class creative enterprise, joining these capabilities at the hip and letting the sparks fly.
“There is a fundamental truth about pursuing growth through innovation that no one really talks about.”


About the author:

Mark Payne

As co-founder and president of the leading innovation consultancy Fahrenheit 212, Mark Payne has spearheaded innovation projects that have created over $3 billion in revenue for Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurial emerging businesses, and private equity firms. As the architect of the firm’s Money + Magic philosophy, its outcome-based business model and its breakthrough Two-Sided Innovation […]

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