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Look Who’s Talking

By Franco Roncoroni
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In the near future, our relationship with the devices we love will be more conversational than graphical.

This is not going to happen by accident.

The only communication protocol humans share is language,  which is why the most invisible interfaces will usually be constructed in language, not UI.

While messaging-driven products still represent a massive growth opportunity, as demonstrated through apps like Hero or Cleo, conversation-driven product design will probably be the next big thing.

Onlookers are still skeptical of the idea of voice interfaces, but this is not just a matter of voice recognition. In fact, voice interfaces are going to grow and improve also thanks to the merge with bots.

Products like Amazon’s Echo Smart Speakers are probing the market with good results. Apple and Google will likely be next, among a flurry of others.

Humans will always be the entities we desire talking to and collaborating with. But in the not too distant future, bots will be how things actually get done.