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Innovation Is Too Important To Be Left To Insiders

Fahrenheit 212 talks to Forbes about how to bring in the right partners for innovation


By Roger Trapp
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“The fact that more and more businesses are seeing the value in [innovation] is a testament to the fact that senior executives are much less likely than they used to be to see design as a luxury add-on. At the same time as they are seeing the whole innovation process as a business capability that can be mastered like any other rather than a mysterious process defying management they are realizing that design can be an important differentiator.”

Fahrenheit 212 co-founder Mark Payne was featured in a recent article on Forbes which discussed the need to hire external help for innovation. Journalist Roger Trapp argued that executives are likely to improve their chances of success if they combine the skills within their own organizations with those in consultancies for whom thinking about innovation is as natural as breathing.

As Mark was quoted, “The products and brands that are winning in this crowded world aren’t just functionally strong; they have differentiation you can spot from a distance, feel up close and connect with on a deep human level. Products designed with great empathy and humanism become part of us.”