How to Kill a Unicorn

Go behind-the-scenes on innovation stories and lessons from Fahrenheit 212’s first decade


Mark Payne

President, Founder | Partner

Farenheit 212

Innovation lessons from Fahrenheit 212’s first decade


Innovation is powered by inspiration, but measured in realization – in the concrete outcomes that reach the street and the balance sheet, changing lives and building businesses.

Yet as innovation grows increasingly vital to the growth prospects of big businesses and startups alike, the failure rates of innovation projects remain absurdly high. Far too many mission-critical initiatives culminate in what Fahrenheit 212 calls unicorns – visions that are lovely to think about, but doable and profitable only in some remote, imaginary world. You can’t hitch your plow to a unicorn.

Based on behind-the-scenes stories and lessons from Fahrenheit 212’s first decade, shaping breakthrough innovations for many of the world’s great companies, How to Kill a Unicorn lays out a new playbook for creating innovations that make it out into the world, replacing old myths and misconceptions with a new philosophy and practices that transform innovation success rates.

It’s really not about killing things at all – it’s about ensuring your vision comes to life. And fear not. No unicorns were harmed in the making of this book. Unicorns aren’t real.

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Jack Dennen

Jack joined the Fahrenheit 212 team full-time as a member of the 2016 Innovation Analyst Class. Prior to this year, he interned at Fahrenheit for two summers, spending one on the Commercial Strategy team, and the other on the Idea Development team. He is back to have a second stint on each side to decide once […]

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