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Giving Time to Time

By Charlie Herrmann
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Technology and innovation encourage us to live our lives forever faster: we can connect to each other in seconds, consume news from all over the world in minutes, order our food in a few clicks, order a cab in a few taps… The constant battle against the clock is now embedded within our culture and behaviors, and now more than ever, it is worth remembering that some things can only reveal themselves through the test of time.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s new identity ‘The Met’ shook the web a few weeks ago, some calling it ‘trendy’, others calling it ‘unbecoming’… Numerous websites/firms started having an opinion right off the bat, a couple of days after the announcement was made. Before that, it was Premier League, Uber, ‘Paris 2024’, not so long ago Google… The branding community seems to adopt a fire-at-will criticism model, with design blogs filled with polls and hundreds of designers inputting quick one-line opinions.

General feedback reads as ‘It’s looking like X’, ‘It would have been better with Y’, but it is crucial to remember that there is more at stake. A change of identity or logotype almost always means a change of strategy, therefore the former cannot be truly assessed until the latter has had time to thrive and grow in the real world. We must take pause before judging the purely aesthetic value of an identity and ask ourselves the better question: ‘Is it meaning the right thing?’.

Let’s pace our impulsions to critique aesthetic in a quick and fleeting fashion, and instead take the time to understand a brand’s relevance and true meaning.