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The Power of Perspective

By Charlie Herrmann
Click here to read about Uber’s rebrand
A couple of weeks ago, Uber revealed its new self. A new mark, new icon and color palette that feels more evolution than revolution, but nothing short of a completely new brand ethos. At the center of the new positioning, the theme of ‘Bits & Atoms’ comes to life (watch it here). While I understood the intention of the message the execution feels like a miss. In my opinion it was because the work was done in-house.

Where Lyft positions its brand around the driver relationship, Uber is almost entirely ignoring the driver (only one shot of a driver is shown during the entire new brand film). The Bits and the Atoms, technology and humanity, represents a first look at Uber’s future vision of ’Self-driving vehicles’. With this as the destination, warming people up to a fully automated transport and logistics future makes sense. So what makes it a miss?

An incredibly meta and grandiose story created by an in-house team, that feels very much like a conversation that Uber had with itself. The intention is powerful, but the execution is far too disconnected from what we know about Uber today. In my opinion, this story would have benefited greatly from outside influence, consumer input and a stronger bridge between today and tomorrow. In a world where every single thing is ‘ultra-connected’ and ‘smart’, outside perspective is a powerful tool for revealing both who you are and who you want to be.