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Why Most Companies’ Resolutions Will Fail


By Mark Payne
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“Chances are, the calendar rolling over to 2015 brought a surge of positive energy to your office. You can almost hear the collective exhale of your team after the holidays, reinvigorated by new budgets and new ideas. This year, resolve to see that expectation of wildly successful innovations stand proud pas the spring thaw.”

Mark Payne’s article on improving the odds for innovation was featured in Brand Quarterly, the UK based magazine for business and strategy. Mark discussed why most innovation projects are statistically destined to not make it, and explains how companies can leap past problematic innovation methods that under deliver year after year.

“If you want to break the cycle, you have to break the habits, myths, and misconceptions that are getting in the way of better outcomes. At Fahrenheit 212, by virtue of a decade’s worth of resolutions aimed at transforming success rates, we’ve scrutinized and ultimately thrown to the curb a host of these widely held, but wildly off base, assumptions.”