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Champions Against All Odds

By Charles Herrmann
Click here to watch the #TeamRefugees trailer
Back in March, the International Olympic Committee declared that it would select five to ten refugees to create a team without a nation for the upcoming Rio games: the Refugee Olympic Team. The action, “showing solidarity with the world’s refugees” in the context of the worldwide refugee crisis, is probably one of the most inspiring and human effort that has been made at such a scale in years.

Today we want to celebrate the trailer for the team’s documentary that will be released post-games. “We need to show the world who we really are”: one team, ten individuals that, against all odds, will compete against and alongside other world-class athletes in front of tens of millions of people. The story in itself is great, and we think the way it has been told is an amazing example of visual storytelling: breathtaking analogies, gutsy sides-by-sides, beautiful photography, all packed in one and a half minute of brutal pace. Highlighting a great balance between emotion and determination. You can watch it here.

Best of luck to you.