Our Approach

We challenge the belief that innovation is inherently unreliable and have spent the last decade designing the method, building the model, and assembling the minds to make innovation a predictable driver of growth for our clients’ businesses.

  • Money + Magic

    Pursuit of topline growth is not a set of one-off initiatives; a systematized capability is required to drive growth with predictability.

    It requires simultaneously solving for the discrete need-sets of the consumer and the business.

    To address this Two-Sided Problem, Fahrenheit 212’s approach is based on a unique philosophy, team construct, and a process that deploys deductive, analytic-based reasoning alongside the creative, inductive reasoning that allows room for insights and strategic leaps to unlock new possibilities. We call this approach Money + Magic.

  • Risk + Reward

    Most great innovations don’t come from consultants—they come from entrepreneurs and entrepreneurial organizations.

    Entrepreneurs are driven by a powerful force that counter-balances their challenger mentality. Namely, they have skin in the game. They don’t obsess over the process of innovation; they care only about the outcomes.

    Since our inception, Fahrenheit 212 has harnessed this entrepreneurial approach through a performance-based compensation model that aligns our risk and reward with that of our clients. We offer our clients the option of putting a significant portion of our potential compensation at risk, contingent on our solutions hitting pre-determined success milestones. This means our ideas can’t just be interesting; they actually have to deliver.

  • People + Practice

    We believe that innovation is a discipline — one with a unique, learned skill set.

    Fahrenheit 212 is dedicated to attracting, training, and developing the best and brightest thinkers and creators in the industry. To produce world-class innovation, we must also seek to develop world-class innovators.

    We do this through our proprietary hiring and staffing models, a culture of debate over brainstorming, and innovation’s top training platform and curriculum.

    Our method of Money + Magic requires drawing talent from divergent backgrounds — investment banking, consulting, design, CPG, financial services, architecture, technology, and engineering, among others.

    Minds matter – because an innovation process is only as powerful as the people, thinking, and team structures that drive it.